What our clients are saying

good G. Fuller, Cheverly, MD
My family and I arrived in Florida on October 4, 2016. We rented a house from Just villas for 60 days, while planning to purchase a home. We stayed in the rental home for 90 days. The staff at Just Villas Inc., Roy, Janette, and Andrea, was exceptional. They promptly took care of the few concerns that we encountered at the home. In addition, they helped us with a personal concern in trying to obtain Florida licenses. Unfortunately, we were not able to find a home in the 90 days. Just Villas Inc. was able to relocate us to another rental home, in the same complex, through their other company AshCort Property Investments Inc. providing the same prompt, courteous service provided to us in the first property. At that time, Roy Exton (realtor), began to assist us in finding a home to purchase. He showed us numerous homes, based on our needs and specifications. He provided us with information on homes, purchasing procedures, Florida real estate laws, neighborhoods, utilities, contractors, etc. Thanks to all of Roy’s diligent and persistent work, we have found a home and have almost completed the purchasing process. I would highly recommend AshCort Property Investments Inc. to anyone looking to rent a home long term, or buy a home in Florida and Just Villas Inc. to all my friends and family wishing to rent short term or buy in Florida.
January 5, 2017
good JJ Nederlander
I have been a renter now for well over 8 years and all I can say is Roy and Janette along with Ashcort homes have been the most easy going and fully responding landlords I have had the privilege to rent from. Anything I have ever needed they have responded very quickly but to be honest the home I am renting is in impeccable condition so anything I have needed has been minimal. On top of everything they are helping me re-establish my credit so they can help get me into a home of our own. If you have any future clients that want to talk to a current customer please don't hesitate to have them call me. Thank you so much Ashcort Homes, JJ Nederlander
November 1, 2016
good Jessie S.
Janette and Roy Exton of AshCort Property Investments Inc. are simply the best. With me they waited till I could get the home I'm in. You know when you find a good landlord, someone who cares about me and my family when something happens I call and they are on it. One day I came home and my a/c was not working I called Janette and in 30 mins it was fixed. Now that's good service they take care of you, you're not just a rent check. Thanks, Janette and Roy.
April 27, 2016

The Key to Successful Management of Your Home

Why Do Property Owners Choose Us?

Owning a rental property is a business...

One that takes hard work, dedication and lots of time! Real estate investments can bring excellent returns when matched with an experienced and professional property management company!

AshCort Property Investments property managers are experienced professionals who have the depth of knowledge to be able to efficiently and speedily respond to any situation regarding the care and management of your investment.

To us property management is a three way partnership between the owner of the property, the tenants & ourselves with our role being to deliver management services all parties involved.

Communication is everything...

We strive to develop & nurture open & honest communication with both our property owners and the tenants of the properties, our constant objective is to deliver the highest standard of service in every regard without loosing sight of the importance of personal contact. We work closely with both the owners & tenants to ensure the property is kept in a high standard.

Short term rental owners are converting to long term, shouldn't you!

Short term rental owners are finding it harder & harder to make their homes work and keep their financials in the black, the turn down in world economies and the vast number of short term vacation homes out there has made it more & more difficult for owners to keep their heads above water. Many of them also have to contend with the fact that their homes are now not worth any were near the price they paid for them, and selling is not an option at the moment, again because of the decline in the property market.

Many short term owners have made the move over to long term letting they have found that long term not only gives them financial freedom but freedom to explore over parts of the world, how many times have you thought about taking a vacation somewhere other than Orlando but you have decided to come back to Orlando because this is were your property is. Imagine having your property rented 12 months of the year with no sales tax to pay, no advertising to pay for, no utilities to pay & the peace of mind knowing your home is now earning you money. You can use the money to take a vacation any ware you desire. THIS IS WHAT LONG TERM RENTING CAN DO FOR YOU.

All tenant applicants are fully checked for both criminal & financial history we also check their employment history and any previous rental history. If you are considering a long term rental option for your home please either e mail us or give us a call we will endeavor to answer all your questions & concerns.

The AshCort team.

Serving all of Central Florida:

  • Clermont
  • Minneola
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  • Kissimmee
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