About Us

Roy and Janette Exton have owned their own property management business in Florida for the past 21 years. In the late 1980's they expanded their business overseas to Orlando, Florida and quickly gained recognition throughout florida in the short term vacation home property management business. Since then they have continued to grow and expand their business so much so that they have now split the short term vacation home rental property management business from the long term property management business.

We are receiving calls all the time from people looking to lease long term. Consequently we are actively looking for more homes of all sizes with or with-out swimming pools. Owning rental property is a business... One that takes hard work, dedication, and lots of time!

Real estate investments can bring an excellent return, when matched with an experienced and professional management company and their property real estate team!

Roy Exton (Realtor) has many years of experience. Roy & Janette have the depth of knowledge to be able to efficiently and speedily respond to any situation regarding the tenant / homeowner's properties.

To us property management is a three-way partnership between the owner of the property, the tenant/renter and ourselves with our role being to deliver management services and rentals, which ensures that relationship is rewarding to all parties. We are backed by our friendly in-house administration team with the qualifications and experience that is second to none. The team is well trained and very knowledgeable about every single property we represent. They are very friendly, professional and extremely helpful when assisting tenants, owners and perspective clients.

Communication is everything...

We go out of our way to develop and nurture open and honest communication with our tenants, homeowners, their clients and our clients to build a mutual trust and respect, and to create long-term relationships with them. Our constant objective is to deliver the highest standard of service in every regard without losing sight of the importance of personal contact. We have built an inventory of high quality homes and a reputation for offering first class hospitality.

If at anytime now or in the future we can be of service to you or anyone you might know who is interested in our services please feel free to give us a call.